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Climbing for Casualties (CFC) was established in March of 2019 after receiving the unfortunate news that a friend, Justin Lascek, lost both of his legs while deployed in Afghanistan. CFC founder, Matthew Randall, had become friends with Justin on the previous deployment but had since been moved to a different unit. Not being in a position to help in Afghanistan, Matthew still wanted to do something to help Justin through a personal climbing trip he had planned in Pakistan, and so the concept of CFC began to take shape.


After being linked up with the Special Forces Foundation (SFF) and hearing the support that they provide to the wounded and families of the deceased, it was decided to raise funds for the SFF to help not only Justin, but many others. Jennifer Nelson and Britney Logue volunteered their efforts to create the core CFC volunteer team, and so it all began!

Our volunteers all share a passion for the outdoors, the mountains in particular, and we are very excited to continue supporting a greater cause through our passions!

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