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Our Mission

The Special Forces Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support to the Special Forces community and their families.

About Us


Since the inception of Army Special Forces in 1950, Green Berets have been at the forefront of every US involved conflict. As major conflicts draw down, the demand for special operations forces increases. In the last decade, our Special Forces warriors have suffered the greatest casualty rate of any force on the ground. The accumulative toll of operations is felt by the entire Special Forces Regiment and their families.


Special Forces operators struggle with questions as old as warfare itself: how can the human body be conditioned to absorb the repetitive physical punishment of combat and still perform at the elite level? How does the mind and spirit heal and thrive after the extreme stress of operations and relentless exposure to the worst parts of humanity? How can we insulate our families from these horrors without isolating ourselves?


The problems our not new. The solutions will be. How we attend to our Special Forces families will determine how the United States fares in the long wars now and ahead.



The Special Forces Foundation (formerly the Green Beret Association) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization serving U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and their families. The Foundation provides a range of programs aligned with the SOCOM Commander’s Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF) program, designed to address the fraying of the forces after nearly two decades of sustained combat.  Our programs contribute to the maintenance of the mind and body, and, provide acute and ongoing support in resolving, psychological, emotional and relationship issues before they become chronic.

During times of tragedy, the Special Forces Foundation provides immediate support to the soldiers family with the goal of maintaining long term support to those left behind. The Special Forces Foundation also provides counseling and other services to those left behind and the Special Operations community. 

The Special Forces Foundation assists warriors transition from military to civilian life through career counseling, professional network support, and mentorship. Successful transition is key to the emotional, mental, and family stability necessary for a long healthy life post service.

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